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It is the goal of Senior Housing Services Group to provide for the growing and ever changing needs of senior citizens with particular focus on those with limited financial resources. We feel strongly that middle and low income seniors should have access to the housing and support services they need, including independent housing and assisted living. 

Growing Need for Accessible and Affordable Care

In the coming years, the number of older adults who will need assisted living is going to grow at an unprecedented rate. We believe it is imperative that older adults living in America have long-term care options that are both accessible and affordable.

Maintaining a nonprofit community like Bright Side Manor, developing independent senior housing and the Portable Assisted Living Services (PALS) program consume financial resources. Our low fees do not cover our operating costs. We are grateful for the support from philanthropic individuals and families.   Government  agencies, Corporations, and civic and faith-based groups also contribute their time and treasure, but we need your help, too.

Staying Connected to the Community

We are continually developing new relationships within our community. This serves several purposes:   

  • To ensure that we continue to exist as a resource for older adults
  • To provide an opportunity for older adults to engage with our community
  • To provide educational programming to the community at large 

Your help is invaluable to our ability to forward our mission, and every gesture is a gift to us.

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Address: 300 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666


Telephone: 201-692-1000

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