PALS Card of Thanks


A Poem

Of all the sights I've come to see
Bright Side Manor is the best place to be.
You get three meals a day plus snacks and a treat
And plenty of music for your dancing feet.
There are doctors and nurses who all do their best
To see that we're healthy and get enough rest.
There are games, there are puzzles, and lots you can do
Some are quite old and some are quite new.
A beautician comes through to curl up your hair
Her styles are fantastic and her prices are fair.
So give us a call and let's set a date
For you to come here and see why we rate.

Shirley G


"I love their turkey sandwiches!"

Bright Side is very, very important because it’s for people who live on fixed incomes, and you can maintain your dignity because they treat you like a human being. I was very pleased to finally get Medicaid. It took a lot of guts to do that because for most of my life, my husband and I were financially secure.

From the beginning, they treated me like a human being. I get such nice support from the people around here. I’m older now, and I can’t do the things that I used to. I think I would be very unhappy if I had to start grocery shopping again and cooking and all that! The food is excellent. And if you don’t like what they’re serving you, you can ask for something else.

And I love their turkey sandwiches!

Lucy D


"Happy Holidays to All"

I hear the sounds of jingle bells in the air and smell holiday cookies baking. I can't believe that the holidays are upon us once again. I look forward to the magic of this holiday.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Bright Side Manor for the excellent care that is given to our Mom, Carmela Perrielli, during her stay. She is a happy, healthy "young" woman, who has a aged wonderfully. The staff is, and always has been, very attentive to her and her needs, as well as the other residents.

There is no greater place for our Mom to be than at Bright Side Manor It's a facility that really cares for their residents. The entire staff have shown so much love and compassion for the residents. Thank you for all that you do. Each and everyone of you are a blessing to us and we are grateful to you for our Mom's happiness and well being.

Or family wishes you and your family an happy holiday. May the joy of the season be yours the whole year through.

The Perricelli & Ronda Family

Resident Family

"A place where she was welcomed"

I would like to thank all of the staff who interacted with and supported my aunt. It was of great comfort to know that there was a place where she was welcomed and where she could find some peace.

Thomas E.P. Nichols

Resident's Nephew

"Staff and residents are very friendly"

I have begun volunteering at Bright Side Manor and I really like it. The staff and residents are very friendly. Thank you so much for letting me know about the opportunity!

Rhonda Bentman


"Mom loved Bright Side Manor"

I had to write and tell you that Mom loved Bright Side Manor and felt at home from the first moment she walked in. Everyone greeted us so warmly, and it was evident that you've assembled a caring, dedicated staff. Mom also enjoyed meeting other residents and is eager to make new friends.

I really appreciated your seeing us so quickly, and was flabbergasted when you said that if we could get her financial eligibility for an Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver approved, you would admit her with just her Social Security income as payment while you wait for the medical determination to get done.

At a time when other assisted living facilities are being investigated for evicting private-pay residents when their personal funds run out, you somehow continue to open your heart and your home to low-income clients like my Mom. May God bless you, and help you continue the important work that you do for this vulnerable population.

Gail Sobotkin

Resident's Daughter

"Some very wonderful folks"

The time I have spent at Bright Side has been great! I had the pleasure of meeting some very wonderful folks with interesting stories and it seems like they were enjoying my work!

John Salov


"The residents are happy and well cared for"

When I first visited Bright Side, I was extremely impressed with the goals and intentions of the administration and staff. The atmosphere was warm, homelike, and I could tell immediately that the residents were happy and well cared for. Before I committed to helping out at Bright Side, I spent time observing staff and speaking with residents. I learned that Bright Side was a facility where older adults could find housing, meals, services, and activities no matter what their income or recites were. Each resident was treated with kindness and dignity and persons from the community, like myself, were encouraged to become involved.

In my 10 years as a volunteer at Bright Side Manor, I have seen the facility grow from a rather run-down and dreary 50-bed residential health care facility into a beautiful, bright, and cheerful 65-bed assisted living facility. In the years I have been involved, I’ve witnessed almost no turnover in staff, giving a tremendous sense of stability to those living at Bright Side. I continue to observe a very high standard of care and a true sense of contentment and satisfaction among the residents. Daily activities, meals, and care are tailored to the unique needs of each resident, promoting their individuality and well-being.

Having been involved for many years with senior services and senior housing, I am well aware of the severe shortage of affordable assisted living options for low and middle income older adults. I applaud Bright Side Manor for addressing this need despite continued and—at times—overwhelming financial challenges.

Mary Hirschman


"Very personable and friendly"

I am so comfortable with the care my mother is receiving at Bright Side that I am taking a much-needed vacation. The last time my mother called me, she assured me that everything was wonderful and that she was making friends. The staff at Bright Side is very personable and friendly, and they take a genuine interest in my feedback and apply it to my mom's care.

Al Evans

Resident's Son

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